From a light haze or breeze to a complete whiteout or hurricane force winds, CFX can produce any atmospheric effects for your next production. CFX offers a huge inventory of fog, haze, and smoke machines both in oil and water based forms. We also stock a good amount of wind machines for any size production.


Flame effect are high energy, dramatic, and just a huge WOW factor for audiences everywhere. Flames can create endless entertainment possibilities. CFX stocks some of the best flame equipment in the world using from gas and liquid type effects. We pride ourselves in providing the capabilities needed to run an awesome show! And ofcourse are always updating our inventory.



Pyrotechnics has so much diversey with thousands of different effects and colors. CFX has the experience to provide a safe environment for the entire production and audience. Our team of pyrotechnicians bring years of experience every show and the creativity to design and execute an entire show that is incomparable to any other.


Lasers are one of the hottest effects right now. Our Full Color Lasers produce thousands of breathtaking patterns and millions of color combinations. Our trained laser designers and technicians will produce unique visuals that move to the beat. CFX can also production custom patterns, logos, pictures, etc with the lasers. All our lasers are powered by standard 120V outlet and are FDA approved. CFX is a member of IDLA and has multiple variances in place.



Cryogenic effects are the most popular and cost effective effect for any production. Using mother nature to produce these giant columns of condensation, Cryo effects are a real crowd pleaser and visually stunning! The hotter and more humid it is the larger the columns! Just wait for the beat to drop to see our CO2 jets in action!


The audience loves confetti raining down on them! CFX stocks dozens of colors and shapes in house. Custom colors, shapes, and sizes can also be ordered to bring excitement and match to any theme on any show. From Air Cannons to continuous blowers CFX has the correct equipment to really bring the WOW!



Streamers is real crowd pleasure and makes less of a mess to clean up. CFX stocks dozens of colors in house. Custom colors, shapes, and sizes can also be ordered to bring excitement to any show. CFX stocks from small One Gallon Air Cannons to Large Double Barrel and 30 Gallon Air Cannon, Trust us we have the correct equipment to really bring the WOW!

Low Lying Fog

Low Lying Fog is one of the most beautiful and romance effects CFX offers using the latest equipment in the special effects world know as LSG's. CFX can produce a Low Lying Fog that will hug the floor for the "dancing on the clouds" effect for a couple minutes to hours of continuous fog. Dry Ice is also a great way to a produce this effect for a short period of time.



CFX uses only the best snow machines in the industry The CITC FX Little Blizzards and SNOWMASTERS T1500Max. We pride ourselves by knowing we are the only company in South Florida with the T1500Max snow machine, the only snow machine used by Walt Disney World and Disneyland! Don't be fooled by other snow machines, these are the only snow macines to offer evaporate technology and and a true flake size for that perfect "Magical Snow Fall"


CFX can produce any water effects with its inventory of unique and rare equipment only available from us. From rain systems, reflection pools, waterscreens, waterfall, water fountains, and water contentment systems. Water cannons are also a great way to cool down the crowd and your audience will love getting wet especially on a hot day!


Aside from our main effects CFX still has under a dozen other effects we produce. From Bubbles, Foam Parties, Fake Flame Systems, Kabuki Drop Systems, and Other Misc Effects. For a full list of effects we produce click on the picture.

CFX has a full rental department ready to provide you with the right equipment for the job. We have the right solution for a daily, weekly, monthly, short or long term dry rental to fit your needs and budget. CFX has the largest and most unique inventory of special effects equipment in South Florida featuring rare and hard to fine items. If you would like to see a full list of equipment click on Rentals.


Confetti & Fog Fx understands touring can be stressful for any production, this is why our touring packages are turn key. CFX is extremely well known in our local market for being one of the best special effects, pyro, and laser companies in the state of Florida. Backed up by Lloyds of London, We have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and logistics ready to handle any tour. Planning is a huge factor but CFX has you covered with the most knowlegdable crew and office personnal to make everything run smooth while on tour. CFX takes the wheel on designing and executing even if the tour starts within a few weeks, we have produced our unique services in most major venues around the US and the Caribbean.